The main feature of ApertusVR is the so called "Distributed Plugin-in Mechanism" which means that not only humans could be involved in an multi-user virtual reality scene but any element of the Internet of Things like hardware, software, robot or any kind of smart device.


ApertusCore is a programming library written in C++11, that fulfills modern software requirements as it is modular, embeddable, platform-independent, and easily configurable. It contains basic software interfaces and modules for logging, event-handling, and for loading plugins and configurations. It is also responsible for distributed data synchronization. 


ApertusVR is a set of plugins that extend ApertusCore with XR (AR/VR/MR) capabilities, which help to integrate XR technologies into new/existing developments, products rapidly. It creates a new abstraction layer over the hardware vendors in order to use different display and control devices in any product or service.

2016 - present | SZTAKI