Peter Kovacs

CEO / Software Architect

Peter Kopacsi

Software Engineer

Erik Toth

Software Developer

Akos Rabely

Software Developer

Former Members

Akos Hamori

CTO / Senior Software Engineer

Zoltan Racskay

PRO / Software Engineer

Szilard Horvath

Software Developer Intern

A decade of expertise in VR technologies

The Evolution

Our team works in the Institute for Computer Science and Control (Excellence Institute of Hungarian Academy of Sciences). We have synthesized the results of a ten-year research programme related to collaborative Virtual Reality technologies and developed a loosely coupled modular software system, called ApertusVR.

The Vision

We would like to build an open community around ApertusVR and reach software engineers, students, universities, institutes, and companies to help and support them in developing AR/VR/MR products, services with our open-source engine. We are open to make partnerships and collaborative developments for future technologies.

2016 - present | SZTAKI