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The main feature of ApertusVR is the so called "Distributed Plugin-in Mechanism" which means that not only humans could be involved in an multi-user virtual reality scene but any element of the Internet of Things like hardware, software, robot or any kind of smart device.


ApertusCore is a programming library written in C++11, that fulfills modern software requirements as it is modular, embeddable, platform-independent, and easily configurable. It contains basic software interfaces and modules for logging, event-handling, and for loading plugins and configurations. It is also responsible for distributed data synchronization. 


ApertusVR is a set of plugins that extend ApertusCore with XR (AR/VR/MR) capabilities, which help to integrate XR technologies into new/existing developments, products rapidly. It creates a new abstraction layer over the hardware vendors in order to use different display and control devices in any product or service.

Things we've made

  • Mixed Reality

    Visualization with ApertusVR
  • CAVE system

    Built with ApertusVR
  • Production Line

    Remote monitoring and controlling with ApertusVR


    We partner up and collaborate with innovative entities from all over the world.


    Peter Kovacs

    CEO, Senior Software Architect

    Akos Hamori

    CTO, Senior Software Engineer

    Zoltan Racskay

    PR, Software Engineer

    Peter Kopacsi

    Software Engineer

    2016 - present | MTA SZTAKI