Your free embeddable AR/VR engine

Platform independent,
sleek software design

ApertusVR has a loosely coupled structure in order to easily configure the engine capabilities and run these configuration instances on different machines and connect them together via internet.

Test it with Your own hardware,
build an asset and experience.

Open Source MIT licence,
equals maximum freedom.

ApertusVR is released under the MIT License, which is a permissive open source license. The only condition is that you distribute the license text included in our distribution with any software that uses ApertusVR.

Just think over and start creating
Your VR world.

Plugin based design
for easy usage

ApertusVR has set-in-stone interfaces, language bindings and disjunct libraries therefore it is easily embeddable to an existing development. Just turn plugins on and of as You need.

Which plugin to use?
See the structogram.

Envision, create and share Your inner space.

Virtual reality transformed data processing and data visualization. Social media transformed our relationships. Now we offer You an open source tool to evolve, to combine both, so You can deliver a new level of user experience.
With ApertusVR You will be able to build up a virtual reality scene according to your creativity or needs. Invite friends to have fun together, share information in Your workspace with Your staff or clients.

Who we are

Peter Kovacs

Senior software architect

Akos Hamori

Software engineer

Zoltan Racskay

Web developer

Peter Kopacsi


Our partners


Take a look at what our engine is capable of
and build your application !

Want to meet us?

Connect with us on Websummit

5th-9th of November in Lisbon

As a relatively new kid on the block of AR/VR market, we got the opportunity to participate in the Alpha programme of Websummit 2017. This is a huge possibility for us to build new connections, and demonstrate the abilities of our programmer’s library. If You share our passion and goals all related to AR/VR technologies or see the potential in our developments You will have the opportunity to meet us in person from the 5th till the 9th of November in Lisbon on Websummit. We will exhibit for one day but will be there for the whole event.

Not a developer?

Not a problem.

Hire us to make your idea real.

In general ApertusVR is meant to be a tool for developers, who build applications in Your company’s R+D department . Still if You are not a software engineer, or You just don’t have the human resources for development, we offer You our knowledge and scientific background to deliver the solution for Your project.

Premium Services & Support

As the developers of ApertusVR we are able to deliver fast completion times. This fact alone shortens the development cycle, reduces development costs and gives a clear responsibility matrix.

Scalability and flexibility

According to the project, we are able to involve other colleges of the Institute for Computer Science and Control. We can build up a flexible team of experts, meeting the requirements of the project we get contracted for.

Contact us to work together on
Your next project

Hungary Budapest
1111 XI. distr. Kende str. 13-17

For issue requests and more information about our availability for project based development,
please send us a mail on the mail address below.

info (at)




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