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Knowledge sharing is a critical issue for organizations. Organizations would be able to increase their knowledge capabilities and to achieve competitive advantages in comparison with other organizations by proper application of knowledge management and the use of its facilities in the accelerating and facilitating access to information. Because it enables them to develop opportunities, competencies, values, and sustain competitive advantages and therefore, can achieve organizational health.

Colleges working on web developments asked me to hold a workshop about frontend and backend technologies such as Ionic, Angular, NodeJS.

The JSAPI plugin in ApertusVR is widely based on my “old” nodejs-backend-api github project (updates are coming soon). So it was easy to introduce the ‘backend part’ to my colleges. They really loved the json data structure of the Http Response Manager module

  result: {
    success: true,
    statuscode: 200,
    url: '',
    title: 'API',
    description: 'Test description...'
  token: {
    key: '',
    expires: ''
  errors: {
    count: 0,
    items: []
  events: {
    count: 0,
    items: []
  data: {
    pagination: {
      numItemsPerPage: 0,
      numItemsFrom: 0,
      numItemsTo: 0,
      numItemsLeft: 0,
      numItemsFullCount: 0
    count: 0,
    items: []

This is the json response from the backend for every Http request. As you can see, there are 5 important objects here: `result`, `token`, `errors`, `events` and `data`. You can read everything from this response, regardless of you are in the browser or in the command line.

Many developers asked why I hold `count` information in `errors`, `events` and `data` objects. The answer is simple: sometimes you are limited only to the command line and if you have many items in `data` and you want to know the number of items, you don’t have to count them. 🙂

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(see: The Architecture of ApertusVR )

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