General support


Help in using our programmer’s library itself. We will answer your questions about how ApertusVR works, the different ways you can use it, and it’s documentation.

Use our forum!!

Feel free to open a topic in case You haven't found the answer in the present topics.

Bug support

Get support and software updates in case you have found a bug. Your feedback is important for us in order to deliver and maintain a good user experience

Report bugs as issues

You may communicate with us by creating an Issue on Github, or writing an email to us.

Industrial designers at the office discussing project on the computer.

Remote support
(paid service)

Support through Remote Desktop, SSH, from a remote address makes support quick and painless. Lay back as we optimize your solution the way You desired.

Concentrate on the development

Get a developer to configure your system for you or give you pointers as you do it yourself

Feature request priority
(paid service)

Level of priority for a feature or suggestion that will be considered, planned, and implemented. We care about the code laid into a software that will ultimately run on thousands of devices.

Premium Services & Support

Not all requests are implemented to maintain application performance


Private feature integrations
(paid service)

Priority and Enterprise clients have the option of custom features integration in their private instances. Remote access will be required to integrate features in private installations.

Be a participant in feature developments

Complete the puzzle with features You desire.





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