Space independent medical consultation

As technology helped mankind to extend human life, more and more diseases appeared that were mostly unknown before. Most of them correlate to our lifestyle, culinary habits or to personal genetics. Doctors are faceing a wast amount of examinations with a huge variety of cases and sometimes even the most experienced specialist needs to call a consilium together, or has to show the patient, how the surgery will be executed. Geographical distance is in most cases also an aggravating circumstance, dependent on the condition of the patient, or on the availability of the doctors.

To solve these issues we created a use case that allows medical personnel to eliminate geographical distances in order to exchange information faster and more effective among the participants and/or the patient. Doctors can use this shared virtual reality space for holding consultations, where they can discuss cases, annotate examinations, and make a detailed surgery plan all saved in a patient file for future use. Doctors will be able to communicate in text and voice chat, draw on the images, and use the outputs of medical imaging devices as a resource in the consultation space both with colleagues and patients.





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